Questions About the Workers' Compensation Process

Nashville, Tennessee

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Workers' compensation exists to protect employees who suffer injuries on the job. At James R. Omer & Associates, our legal team is here to help injured workers understand this complicated process, sift through the red tape and get the compensation they deserve. Every state has different workers' compensation laws, and our team is highly experienced in matters relating to the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Act.

What types of illnesses or injuries should be reported?

You should report to your employer any time you develop an illness or become injured as a direct or indirect result of the work you perform for your employer. There are many different types of workers' compensation, so it is best to err on the side of caution by reporting any physical or mental discomfort. Workers' compensation injuries or illnesses may prevent you from performing your job, result in work absences or require medical treatment.

In situations where a work environment causes an employee's death, the surviving family members should file a workers' compensation claim.

When do I have to inform my company of my illness or injury?

It is best to your employer immediately upon becoming injured; however, Tennessee law gives injured employees a maximum 30-day window to officially notify employers.

Employers that are covered by the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Act are required by law to report the illness and/or injury to the insurance company within one working day of learning about the illness or injury. The employer will complete Form C-20, which is the Tennessee Employer's First Report of Work Injury or Illness form.

Will I be able to see my own physician in a worker's compensation claim?

Employers are required to provide the injured employee a panel of 3 medical providers or more from which to choose. You can be treated for your illness or injury by one of the physicians provided and may be referred to a specialist.

If you work in Tennessee and have been injured as a result of your work environment, please contact the trained and experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys at James R. Omer & Associates, PLLC in Nashville to let us review your case and get you the maximum compensation.

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