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Estate Awarded 20 Million Dollars for Wrongful Death
On November 30, 2001, a Federal Jury in Nashville, Tennessee awarded 20 Million Dollars to the Estate of John Cannon, one of six shackled prisoners killed when a van owned by a private extradition and transport service caught fire in 1997. The Plaintiff proved that the transportation company violated the prisoner's Civil Rights, ignored known mechanical problems and transported the prisoners incorrectly. The jury ordered the Memphis-based Federal Extradition Agency to pay damages in the amount of $20 Million Dollars. The case was prosecuted by attorney Terrance E. McNabb and James R. Omer, Jr. of James R. Omer & Associates, PLLC.

Girl awarded $10.5 million for father's death in custody
A federal jury in Nashville awarded $10.5 million to 10-year-old Mary Katherine Catalano, a Sarasota girl whose father was one of six prisoners killed when a private van caught fire in 1997. The plaintiffs contended the transportation company violated the civil rights of prisoners and ignored suspected mechanical issues. The jury found the Memphis based Federal Extradition Agency completely liable in the accident and ordered them to pay damages of $10.5 million. Mary Katherine Catalano was represented by James Omer, Jr. and Terry McNabb of James R. Omer and Associates.

Paving company pays $5 million to settle suits
A paving company has paid $5 million to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman and her young daughter who were killed on November 26,1993 in a truck accident, when a runaway dump truck overturned and dumped hot asphalt onto their car. James R. Omer & Associates filed suit on behalf of the Estate. "We believe this is the largest payment in Tennessee history for the death of a minor child as a result of an automobile accident," Omer said.

Woman injured at restaurant wins $1.2 million
A Circuit Court jury award $1.2 million in damages from dangerous premises to a woman whose leg was crushed when a restaurant awning collapsed on her in 1989. She had $21,000 in medical bills and a fifteen percent (15%) permanent impairment rating. The woman was represented by Jim Omer and Terry McNabb of James R. Omer & Associates.

Widow paid $6.5 million in wreck
An Alabama based truck line has paid a Kentucky woman $6,546,372 in damages for the death of her husband, who was burned alive in a crash on interstate 65 last August. The amount paid was believed to be the largest settlement ever in an automobile wrongful death case in Tennessee. Jim Omer of James R. Omer & Associates filed suit on behalf of the widow.

Passenger in auto / forklift accident awarded excess of $ 1 million
A forklift on a construction site at Metropolitan Airport in Nashville, Tennessee, crashed into a car where the Plaintiff was a passenger. He received injuries to his back and had fifteen percent (15%) permanent impairment. The case was settled in excess of one million dollars.

Woman rear-ended by tractor-trailer awarded excess of $ 1.6 million
A woman was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer and suffered serious injuries for which she was hospitalized a number of days. She ultimately recovered enough to return home to her family. The case was settled for an excess of $ 1.6 million dollars.

Man injured in auto accident receives largest verdict ever rendered in Weakley County, Tennessee
A man involved in an automobile accident in Dresden, Tennessee suffered an injury to his back, which disabled him enough that he could not return to work. He had no surgery and a minimal disability rating. This case was tried to a jury and the largest verdict ever rendered at that time in Weakley County, Tennessee, for three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000) was awarded. It was reduced by the trial Judge to two hundred and fifty thousand ($ 250,000). Weakley County is a small, rural county in West Tennessee.

Man injured in serious automobile accident awarded more than $ 1 million
A man involved in a serious automobile accident where he received a fifteen percent (%15) impairment rating to the body as a whole, for an injury to his back. No surgery was performed and the case was settled for one million ten thousand dollars ($1,010,000) prior to trial.

Brannon VS. USA
U.S. District Court, Middle, TN
Case #302-0622, May 2004, 2 million Medical Malpractice verdict.

Crowder VS. Wilson
Wilson County Circuit Court #10770
February 2004, Court awards injured woman $8 million for serious injuries. Affirmed on Appeal.

Miller vs. USA, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee
Medical Malpractice case settled for $1,000,000 - Oct. 2004.

Carter vs. Rutherford County
Wrongful death claim against Rutherford County - Settled for $750,000 - December 20, 2004
Rutherford County Detention Center in Murfreesboro failed to provide adequate care to inmate who had Meningitis when he was arrested. Victim called for help several times, but did not receive proper treatment and subsequently died of complications from Meningitis.


A woman injured in an automobile accident resulting in removal of a ruptured spleen receives $135,000 in damages.

A teenage passenger left permanently brain-damaged and quadriplegic from an automobile accident receives more than $700,000. This included policy limits from Primary Defendant.

Passenger in an automobile / train accident is awarded more than $185,000 for injuries sustained.

A man injured in a truck/tractor-trailer collision is awarded $125,000 (Policy Limits) in damages and workers' compensation payments of more than $33,500.

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